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Golf Swing Fix...

is a website that has been designed to compile invaluable golfing instruction resources and deliver them to you - the Golfer. The resources that we make available have been written by golfing professionals and with practice will hopefully provide the edge and information that you are looking for. Feel free to contact us via this link should you have any comments or queries.
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The Simple Golf Swing

Simple, maybe - with practice and the correct guidance, yes. The fact is that every complex skill is difficult and awkward until it becomes committed to the body's automated memory and unconscious movement patterns - each of which is achieved through time and practice. The key ingredient is simplifying the golf swing into digestable segments and then linking each of these to produce a fluid, natural and effective golf swing.
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Want to Break 80?

Maybe 90, or even 100. Regardless of your individual golfing goals, a few simple steps could be all that stands in your way of reaching that milestone golf round.
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How Long is Your Drive?

Want to make it longer? World Long Drive Champion, Eric Jones, has put together a fantastic offer that shows you 5 Keys to achieving longer drives.
Could a longer drive improve your golf game? I think I see a lot of hands in the air.